Mid Wales Housing
Annual Report 2017

Looking back on our performance over the last financial year and highlighting some of our priorities and achievements

Association overview

Providing more affordable housing for the people of Mid-Wales

£1 million was invested into the maintenance of our properties

190 new homes were allocated during the year

£9,000 was spent on community development projects

93% of tenants said they were satisfied with the overall service provided by us

24 new homes were constructed

Care & Repair in Powys

Helping Older People to Stay at Home in Comfort and Security

Engaging with our community

Supporting and Working with Communities to Improve our Services

How we performed

Continually Reviewing Performance to Improve our Services

Financial performance

Ensuring the financial sustainability of the Mid-Wales Housing Group

Improving our properties

Investing in the Continuous Improvement of our Properties

New developments

A Local Approach to Community Housing

£3.3 million spent on providing new homes

604 residents received welfare benefit advice

89% of residents said that the rent provides good value for money

82% of tenants were satisfied with the repairs service

1,842 clients received help from Care & Repair in Powys

Services to residents

Customer Services and Income Management Teams provide help and support to customers

Case stories

Making a Real Difference to People’s Lives

Working for the Association

Working for Mid-Wales Housing Association is more than just a job

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